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Radhika Awarded NSF Honorable Mention

Published on March 29, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Congratulations to our second year PhD student, Radhika Gosavi, for her Honorable Mention in the 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program for her application to study the neural correlates of synesthesia!  Radhika’s Honorable Mention was one of only 38 nationwide in the Cognitive Neuroscience area.

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Liz Defends Master’s Thesis

Published on March 10, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Congratulations to our third year PhD student, Liz Toomarian, who successfully defended her Master’s Thesis, The Spatial Representations of Fractions on the Mental Number Line. Liz’s work includes a series of behavioral studies examining the mental representation of fractions on the mental number line, and a large study of individual differences in fraction processing.   Parts


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