Homepage of Peter M. Miller, Ph.D., Professor in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Lessons from Stanford Athletics

Stanford University has a long history in leading innovation across a variety of fields. In athletics, Stanford was the first major program to actively implement a full women’s program in accordance with Title IX and, back in the days of athletic director Joe Ruetz and football coach Bill Walsh, was one of the

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Lessons from Vanderbilt athletics

At Vanderbilt, student-athletes are afforded opportunities to study abroad, to partake in summer internships to their increase career readiness, and to visit and learn about the good work being done in the broader Nashville community. Student-athletes are cultivated as responsible civic actors.

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engaging the community

Another example of JP hair design — the best barbershop in town — meeting the needs of our local community. This will be an awesome event that will serve so many children and families.

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