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We have 113 courses for 2017 Summer Term. Can you believe that? Our departments have created some new courses and continued campus favorites. Just to name a few, we are exploring popular topics like Hamilton, Videogames and Learning, and Mindfulness. We will be asking and answering questions like:

How do people learn?

Ed Psych 301

When and how does racial prejudice develop?

Counseling Psych 230

How can I master the Adobe Suite?

Intro to Digital Forms

School of Education Spotlight

Julie Ganser

Undergraduate Advisor / Programs Director | Art Department

Do you ever feel unsure about your dreams for the future? We’re here to tell you that your feelings are normal and you’re doing just fine! Listen to Julie Ganser tell the fateful story of how she landed her job in the UW-Madison Art Department. She shares some comforting and inspiring insight.

Consider trying something new this summer.

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Art100Intro to Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art1022D Design5/15/20176/11/20173
Art1043D Design6/12/20177/9/20173
Art107Intro to Digital Forms5/30/20177/23/20173
Art108Foundations of Contemporary Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art112Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20173
Art176Digital Photography for Non-Majors5/30/20176/25/20174
Art208Current Directions Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art212Drawing II6/12/20177/9/20173
Art214Sculpture I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art222Introduction to Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art242Watercolor I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art244Art Metals I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art306Relief Printmaking7/10/20178/6/20174
Art312Intermediate Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art322Intermediate Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art342Watercolor II6/12/20177/9/20174
Art346Basic Graphic Design6/12/20177/9/20174
Art4482D Media: Works on Paper (Lab 6)6/12/20177/9/20174
Art448: Lab 4Wood: Art and Design Prototyping5/15/20176/11/20171-4
Art448Ceramics: Molds and Glaze7/10/20178/6/20174
Art448Glass: Introduction to Lampworking5/15/20176/11/20174
Art448Intro to College Art6/26/20177/2/20171
Art448Making Comics I5/15/20176/11/20173-4
Art448Digital and Video Storytelling5/30/20177/23/20173-4
Art448Women, Art, and the Body5/30/20177/23/20173-4
Art506Advanced Relief Printmaking7/10/20178/6/20174
Art522Advanced Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art512Advanced Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art536Advanced Serigraphy6/12/20177/9/20174
Art542Advanced Watercolor I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art612Advanced Drawing II6/12/20177/9/20174
Counseling Psych115Academic Excellence SeminarTBATBATBA
Counseling Psych115Academic Excellence Seminar (plus administrative responsibilities)TBATBATBA
Counseling Psych225Coming to Terms with Cultural Diversity6/12/20178/6/20173
Counseling Psych230Race and the Developing Child6/19/20177/7/20173
Counseling Psych300Psychology of Suicide7/3/20178/13/20173
Counseling Psych650Theory and Practice of Interviewing5/30/20176/18/20173
Counseling Psych729Advanced Social Psych5/30/20176/18/20173
Counseling Psych737History and Systems of Psychology7/17/20178/13/20173
Counseling Psych740Abnormal Behavior and Psychopathology7/17/20178/6/20173
Counseling Psych755Seminar on Meta-Analysis6/19/20177/16/20173
Counseling Psych777Crisis and Trauma6/19/20177/16/20173
Counseling Psych791Foundations of Mental Health Counseling5/30/20176/18/20173
Counseling Psych810/900/903/904PracticumTBATBA3
Curriculum & Instruction240Critical Aspects of Teaching, Schooling, and Education6/19/20178/13/20173
Curriculum & Instruction277Videogames & Learning6/19/20178/13/20173
Curriculum & Instruction375Math Content6/19/20177/16/20173
Curriculum & Instruction719Intro to Qualitative ResearchNANANA
Curriculum & Instruction743Educational Technology for Deep Language LearningNANANA
Curriculum & Instruction976Wisconsin Reading SymposiumNANANA
Dance118African Dance5/30/20176/25/20171
Dance121Asian American Movement5/30/20176/18/20173
Dance135Pilates Mat 15/30/20176/25/20171
Dance168Dancing Gender6/26/20178/6/20173
Dance200Writing the Moving Body5/15/20176/11/20173
Dance237Pilates Studio I5/30/20176/25/20173
Dance268Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance Studies6/20/20177/23/20173
Dance337Pilates Studio 25/30/20176/11/20172
Dance560Making Digital Lighting Control6/26/20177/23/20171
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis502National Leadership for Social Justice Academy, Sec 16/19/20176/25/20171
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis502National Leadership for Social Justice Institute7/17/20178/13/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis703Evaluating and Supporting Quality Classroom Teaching6/19/20177/30/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis726Data-Based Decision-Making for Educational Leadership 5/30/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis735Leadership for Equity and Diversity5/30/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis736Administration of Student Services in Higher Education5/30/20177/9/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis824Field Research Designs & Methodologies in Educational Administration 6/12/20177/23/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis826Field Research Designs & Methodologies in Educational Administration 6/5/20177/16/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis835Leadership for Inclusive Schooling 5/30/20178/13/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis860Organizational Theory and Behavior in Education7/17/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis875Theory and Practice of Educational Planning7/17/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis882Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Education6/12/20177/16/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis883Perspectives on College Student Identity and Development 5/30/20177/9/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis940Resource Allocation for Equity and Social Justice5/30/20176/18/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis940Advanced Writing for Social Justice5/30/20176/18/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis960Management of Human Capital in K-12 Education 6/12/20177/23/20173
Ed Policy Studies140Intro to Education5/30/20176/25/20173
Ed Policy Studies300School & Society6/12/20177/9/20173
Ed Policy Studies412History of American Education5/30/20176/25/20173
Ed Policy Studies570Anthropology & Education6/12/20177/9/20173
Ed Psych301How People Learn7/17/20178/13/20173
Ed Psych320Child Development6/19/20178/13/20173
Ed Psych321Adolescent Development6/19/20178/13/20173
Kinesiology100Exercise, Nutrition, and Health6/19/20177/30/20172
Kinesiology119Introduction to Kinesiology6/19/20178/13/20172
Kinesiology127Introduction to Athletic Training6/19/20178/13/20172
Kinesiology200Introductory Neuroscience6/19/20178/13/2017TBA
Kinesiology235Human Physiology and Health6/19/20178/13/20174
Kinesiology300Practicum in KinesiologyTBATBATBA
Kinesiology300: 001Adapted Fitness and Personal Training6/12/20178/6/20171
Kinesiology312Technology for Physical Activity and Health ProfessionalsTBATBA2
Kinesiology314Physiology of Exercise6/19/20178/13/20174
Kinesiology318Biomechanics of Human Movement5/30/20177/23/20173
Kinesiology360Lifespan Motor Development5/15/20176/11/20173
Kinesiology361Motor Learning and Performance6/12/20178/6/20173
Kinesiology508Living well: Lifestyle balance and health promotion for college students 6/19/20178/13/20172
Rehab Psych & Special Ed300Individuals with Disabilities (Online)6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed401Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology5/30/20176/25/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed402Methods in Teaching Functional Skills 7/17/20178/13/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed405Evidence Based Intervention-Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder6/19/20177/16/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed466Diversity in Special Education6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed500Rehabilitation-Counseling Psychology: Foundations (online)6/19/20177/16/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed501Rehabilitation-Counseling Psychology: Applications 6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed505Biological, Psychological, & Vocational Aspects of Disability7/17/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed630Undergraduate Internship (Goes with 501)TBATBATBA
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660American Sign Language 16/19/20177/16/20171-4
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660American Sign Language 27/17/20178/13/20171-4
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660Substance Abuse (online)5/30/20176/25/20174
Rehab Psych & Special Ed700Seminar: Rehabilitation Psychology Research 5/30/20176/18/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed860Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Clinical Practice 5/30/20178/13/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed880Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Supplemental Practice 15/30/20178/27/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed890Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Supplemental Practice 25/30/20178/27/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed910Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology - Internship5/30/20178/27/20176-12
Theatre & Drama161Backstage 15/15/20176/11/20172
Theatre & Drama162Theatre Production Laboratory6/5/20177/2/20171
Theatre & Drama219Acting for Success7/31/20178/27/20173
Theatre & Drama326Intro to Asian Performance6/19/20178/13/20173
Theatre & Drama561:001Advanced Production Lab5/15/20176/11/20171-2
Theatre & Drama561:002Entertainment Technology Innovation Lab5/30/20176/18/20172
Theatre & Drama619Events Planning and Management for Small and Large Groups5/30/20176/18/20172
Theatre & Drama619Costuming for High School/Community Theatre Productions6/19/20178/13/20173
Theatre & Drama619Hamilton: A Cultural Revolution6/19/20177/28/20173