Educational Policy Studies 140:

Intro to Education

with Rob Timberlake


About this Course

Introduction to Education (EPS 140) is an introduction to fundamental educational questions, concepts, perspectives, and ideas.

Course Content

We have specifically designed the structure to enable you to more thoughtfully examine and assess proposed and existing educational policies and practices. This course is for students who care deeply about current events and want to learn about how educational systems play into this sphere.

This course considers core educational dilemmas in historical and global perspective. We pose and explore a series of essential questions, looking critically at how education is accomplished and reviewing how major educational challenges have changed over time.

Note: This course is designed with synchronous elements, meaning that students should be available to participate in twice-weekly web conferences.

EPS 140: Intro to Education Times


EPS 140: Intro to Education Dates
May 30 –
June 25
EPS 140: Intro to Education Credits
EPS 140: Intro to Education Questions


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