Curriculum & Instruction 375:

Math Content for Teaching

with Sarah Lord
About this Course

Our Math Content for Teaching (Curriculum and Instruction 375) course will be offered for the very first time during Summer Term! Make sure you sign up for the 2017 sections.

C&I 375: Math Content for Teaching Times


9 a.m.-1:10 p.m.

C&I 375: Math Content for Teaching Dates
June 19 –
July 16
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Meet Your Instructor

Sarah Lord

Mathematics Education

Sarah Lord is a third year doctoral student and an advisee of Dr. Amy Ellis. She holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Chicago, a BS in elementary education from University of Wisconsin, and an MS in math education, also from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to coming to graduate school, Sarah spent nine years working in public schools in the Madison area as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, and district math leader. She is interested in students’ mathematical development across elementary and middle school, particularly in the area of number and operations. Her primary focus is on transitions between additive thinking and multiplicative reasoning, and between multiplicative reasoning and proportional reasoning. Sarah is also passionate about providing professional development to in-service teachers. (Source)

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