Educational Policy Studies 300:

School and Society

Instructor TBA

This course based in our Educational Policy Studies department explores contemporary issues and trends in public schooling. Topics include:

  • Cultural differences
  • Achieving equality through schooling
  • Schools as social institutions
  • The rights of students and teachers
  • The nature and organization of the teaching profession.

This course is wait-listed every semester in the regular academic year! Make sure you sign up right away for the 2017 School of Education Summer Term. 

Student Reviews:

“This class has encouraged me to think beyond myself. It really broadened my understanding of topics and confirmed my major decision.”

Former EPS 300 Student

“Deeply impacted my perspective of politics and made me want to be more active.”

Former EPS 300 Student

“Material presented was relevant and challenged mainstream views. Course could not be improved because it was great!”

Former EPS 300 Student

EPS 300: School and Society Times


EPS 300: School and Society Dates
June 5 – 
July 2
EPS 300: School and Society Credits
EPS 300: School and Society Questions

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