Counseling Psychology 115:

Academic Excellence Seminar


What is AES?

Academic Excellence Seminars (AES) are offered as a one-credit course through the Department of Counseling Psychology for students who want to improve their study skills and improve their grades.

What is the structure and goal of this seminar?

The seminar is divided into three distinct phases.

The first phase focuses on helping students clarify the reasons they are in school and what they expect to achieve. The objective of this phase is to assist students to develop clear short- and long-term goals while simultaneously coming to a better understanding of their sources of internal and external motivation.

The second phase extends the goals set forth in phase one, helping students to formulate strategies and improve problem-solving skills that facilitate achieving both academic and social goals.

Finally, the third phase focuses on developing the types of social competence that are integral to academic and interpersonal success.

What are the objectives of AES?

  • Improve grades
  • Enhance communication skills both academically and socially
  • Develop more efficient study skills
  • Learn to manage time more effectively
  • Gain knowledge of available University resources

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Total Students Enrolled in EAS over 10 years (2005-2015)

Students Cleared from Academic Probation (That's two-thirds!)

Counseling Psych 115: Academic Excellence Seminar Times


Five available section times. See course guide link below!

Counseling Psych 115: Academic Excellence Seminar Dates
May 31 –
June 19
Counseling Psych 115: Academic Excellence Seminar Credits
Counseling Psych 115: Academic Excellence Seminar Questions

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