Kinesiology 318:

Biomechanics of Human Movement

with Kreg Gruben
About this Course

Biomechanics of Human Movement (Kinesiology 318) develops techniques to analyze human action through the application of mechanical principles. The course utilizes extensive online resources to enable active face-to-face learning with instructors.  Laboratory activities provide practical implementation of the principles including critical analysis of popular exercise and therapy devices and techniques.

Kinesiology 318: Biomechanics of Human Movement Times


Lecture: 8:00-9:50am

Lab: 10:10am-12:00pm

Kinesiology 318: Biomechanics of Human Movement Dates
May 30 –
July 23
Kinesiology 318: Biomechanics of Human Movement Credits
Kinesiology 318: Biomechanics of Human Movement Questions


Meet Your Professor

 Kreg Gruben

Kreg Gruben


Kreg Gruben runs the UW Neuromuscular Coordination Laboratory. Their website reads, “Our laboratory focuses on revealing the neuromuscular coordination that allows humans to retain a stable upright posture while standing and walking. That decades-long endeavor has required a variety of novel approaches and custom instrumentation to dissect the complex multiple coordinative strategies that humans employ. We have discovered the preferred coordination patterns that humans use to control the angular motion of their body, and thus, prevent falling. We have further revealed a lower limb coordination deficit caused by a stroke which explains a wide range of observed behaviors such as walking difficulty, adopted behaviors, and the failure of therapeutic approaches. The conclusions drawn from this research are being used to develop treatments to restore walking and reduce fall risk. This revolutionary advance in the understanding of human stability has implications for treating and enhancing human function and performance across the lifespan, and for a wide array of human endeavors.” Read more about their research >

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