Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education 466:

Diversity in Special Education

with Aydin Bal


About this Course

Diversity in Special Education (RPSE 466) is an introductory overview of special education for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) learners with disabilities. Offered online.

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RPSE 466: Diversity in Special Education Dates
June 19 –
August 13
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Meet Your Professor

Aydin Bal

Aydin Bal

Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education (RPSE)

Aydin Bal runs the Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Lab. CRPBIS is an educational initiative grounded in local to global justice theory with the ultimate goal of educational systems change.  Using Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and various types of data collection, four local schools are working with members of their communities to identify tensions within school, pose new solutions, and test their effectiveness.

Through this, they work to empower schools by teaming up to create learning labs. Learning labs, the driving force of this project, are uniquely comprised teams of educational professionals, family, and community members. These individuals, representing the diverse make-up of the school, participate in ongoing collaborative discussion beginning with the conflicts and tensions within the school.  After these have been identified, the research team introduces another stimulus for reflection, such as data maps, for the labs to reflect and posit new solutions. These solutions are modeled, tested, and renovated within the school, using a continuous cycle of reflection.  Not only do learning labs open the door to new solutions, but they also renovate the culture of school system by empowering voices that have previously been unheard. (source)


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