Art 108: 

Foundations of Contemporary Art

with Felice Amato


About this Course: In this course, Foundations of Contemporary Art, we will address artists’ formal, technical and expressive concerns. We will also study the principal ideas of movements which have significantly influenced the major tendencies in contemporary art. This popular course is online.


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Art 108: Foundations of Contemporary Art course
May 30 –
July 23
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Felice Amato

Felice Amato


Felice Amato recently was featured in the project gallery for the Public Humanities Graduate Exchange Program. She partnered up with local social justice organization, YWCA, to create her project, entitled, “Tales of Struggle, Healing, and Home: Women and Material Narratives.”

Amato [worked] with women in the YWCA’s housing program who are at a place of disempowerment, transition, struggle, marginalization and/or healing in their lives. Her role [was] to provide them multiple opportunities to explore the fabrication of puppets or other figures and to offer them the chance to devise narratives. Amato [shared] art historical and contemporary examples of women’s puppets and dolls. The materials themselves and their tactility–as well as the creativity and ingenuity involved in making objects–spur community-building through conversation, encouragement and artistic risk-taking. These objects could serve as characters in healing stories or parts of broader narratives but they may also be simply a chance to play. (source)

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