Dance 237:

Pilates Studio I

with Elizabeth Sexe
About this Course

Pilates Studio I (Dance 237) is designed to give students experience in teaching Pilates, which includes private, semi-private, and small group sessions. Classes give student-teachers class structure formats, including an understanding of the instructor to student relationship, pacing of class sessions, and the physical detail with which Pilates is taught.

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Dance 237: Pilates Studio I Dates
May 30 –
June 25
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Meet Your Professor

Liz Sexe

Liz Sexe

Educator, Performer, and Choreographer

Liz Sexe, MFA, is an educator, performer, and choreographer.   As a performer she has been described as “a clean and efficient mover.”   Currently she is a Lecturer in the UW-Madison Dance Department, Pilates instructor at Capital Fitness, and teacher at Studio 3-D.   Sexe is a member of the Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company and has also performed works by Robert Battle, Rachel Berman, Alyce Finwall, Kimiko Guthrie, Lionel Popkin, and Anna Sokolow.  Her own choreography has appeared with Li Chiao-Ping Dance, at Danceworks Inc. and with Madison’s Barebones Dance Collective. (Source)

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