Art 214:

Sculpture I

with Chris Walla

For Summer Term 2017, Sculpture I and 3D Design will both be instructed by Chris Walla, at the same time and in the same classroom. In terms of coursework and level of experience, they will remain independent.

About Sculpture I (Art 214)

This course introduces you to techniques, basic sculpture materials, and concepts. We will explore sculpture through the means of materials including:

  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Plaster
  • Paint
  • Metal
  • Found objects

Sculpture I course prerequisites include prior completion of Art 104: 3D Design and completion or concurrent enrollment in one of the following: Art 100: Introduction to Art, 108 or 208; or consent of the instructor.

Art 104 3D Design: Days & Time


Art 104 3D Design: Dates for this course
Jun 12 –
Jul 09
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Meet Your Professor

Chris Walla

Chris Walla


Christopher Walla began as a Badger! He received an MFA with an emphasis in Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2003. He has been presented with the following Grants and Awards for his work:

  • Joan Mitchel Fellowship nominee (2015)
  • Received an Individual Artist Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant Through the Lake Region Arts Council (2015)
  • Received a Career Development Grant through the Lake Region Arts Council (2015)
  • McKnight Fellowship Recipient for the Visual Arts (2006/07)

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