Educational Policy Studies 570:

Anthropology and Education

Instructor TBA

Ethnic Studies

About this course

Anthropology and Education (EPS 570) introduces students to the concepts and methods associated with educational anthropology. Through various ethnographic texts, we will explore how school cultures, family cultures and student identities intersect.

We will look at the current and historical relation of anthropology to education with particular reference to:

  • Culture contact and social change
  • Cultural perspectives on education and educational systems
  • Learning as cultural transmission
  • Application of anthropological knowledge to curriculum

This course counts towards the ethnic studies requirement!

EPS 570: Anthropology and Education Times


1:00 – 4:00 pm
EPS 570: Anthropology and Education Dates
June 12 –
July 9
EPS 570: Anthropology and Education Credits
EPS 570: Anthropology and Education Questions


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