Educational Policy Studies 412:

History of American Education

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About this course

Our History of American Education (EPS 412) course explores a range of topics in the history of education and schooling from colonial America to the present. Topics will include:

  • Rise of common (public) schools
  • Education of populations differing by race, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, and social class
  • Development of school curricula
  • Politics of desegregation, bilingual education, and special education
  • The evolving federal role in American education

Furthermore, through texts and dialogue, we will address questions like: 

  • How were children educated before the birth of public schools in the nineteenth century? 
  • Why were public schools established?
  • What values, skills, and knowledge did public schools transmit to students?
  • How did religion, race, gender,and social class shape schools in different historical eras?
  • And why have Americans embraced the idea that schools can promote social mobility, address social and racial problems, and advance both social stability and social justice?
  • How have reforms such as vouchers, charter schools, and standardized testing reshaped the landscape of learning in America?

This course helps to answer these questions, enabling students to understand and appraise the evolution of educational ideas and practices over the course of American history.

EPS 412: History of American Education Times


9:00 – 11:30 am
EPS 412: History of American Education Dates
May 30 –
June 25
EPS 412: History of American Education Credits
Credit Course
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