Ed Psychology 301:

How People Learn

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About this course

How People Learn (Ed Psych 301) is an introductory course in which we’ll explore the theories of learning in both formal and informal settings. Additionally, this means we’ll look at theories related to:

  • Memory, learning, and intelligence
  • Cognitive, social, and affective aspects of learning
  • The influence of context on learning, including learning with psychological tools, such as language and technological resources
  • Individual differences that may affect learning
  • Practical applications of learning theory

How do humans learn to learn? If you’ve ever had this question, you can start answering it through this course. Come learn about the psychological principles & techniques of learning & individual differences in educational settings. This smaller size of this in-person class means that there will be lots of discussion and activities that you can’t get from a large lecture class. Come and enjoy a more personalized course that will take advantage of collaborative projects!

Ed Psych 301: How People Learn Times


9:00-11:30 am

Ed Psych 301: How People Learn Dates

July 17 –

August 13

Ed Psych 301: How People Learn Credits

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