Kinesiology 235:

Human Physiology and Health

with Greg Barton

Is Human Physiology and Health a course you’ll enjoy? Ask yourself:

  • Are you interested in pursuing a health-related major? 
  • Are you interested in learning how your body works and how to take care of it?
  • Would you like to better understand illnesses that affect you and your loved ones?
 If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then keep reading!

Students that take Human Physiology and Health will learn basic concepts in human physiology, with a particular focus on how these concepts relate to human health and disease. Our course provides a solid foundation for students interested in health sciences majors, but it is also designed to serve non-science students who are interested in physiology and life-long health. Additionally, Kinesiology 235 can serve as an introductory level course to prepare students for success in Physiology 335. 
Final Project: As a student in this course, you’ll do a semester project in which you will:
  1.  Choose a health promotion or disease topic that interests you.
  2.  Then, you’ll apply the basic physiology knowledge you have learned throughout the course to understand the topic and its implications.
  3.  Finally, you’ll have the chance to create and design a pamphlet or to direct and film a short, online video in order to introduce the topic to a general, public audience.
Kinesiology 235: Human Physiology and Health Times


Kinesiology 235: Human Physiology and Health Dates
June 19 –
August 13
Kinesiology 235: Human Physiology and Health Credits
Kinesiology 235: Human Physiology and Health Questions


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