Art Courses

Create in the studio or online.


Spend some time with your creative side this summer. Our art courses range from drawing and painting to graphic design and photography to digital storytelling and making comics. We’re excited to announce that we have four new online offerings including:

For those students studying with us in face-to-face courses, you will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful Madison summertime. Many of our classes travel to local museums and seek out creative inspiration by visiting the lakes and surrounding natural areas.  Wherever you are, you have a space to create this summer with the UW-Madison Art Department.


Art Department

 WhereGeorge L. Mosse Humanities and the Art Lofts

You Should Know: Our department is committed to teaching art in the context of a major research university and a vibrant intellectual community. We have based our mission on the premise that art is at the nexus of all the humanities and that creative expression in the visual arts provides enduring contributions to society and culture.

Professor Spotlight

Stephen Hilyard

Digital Arts

Want to take his course, Art 107: Intro to Digital Forms, this summer?

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Art100Intro to Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art1022D Design5/15/20176/11/20173
Art1043D Design6/12/20177/9/20173
Art107Intro to Digital Forms5/30/20177/23/20173
Art108Foundations of Contemporary Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art112Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20173
Art176Digital Photography for Non-Majors5/30/20176/25/20174
Art208Current Directions Art5/30/20177/23/20173
Art212Drawing II6/12/20177/9/20173
Art214Sculpture I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art222Introduction to Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art242Watercolor I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art244Art Metals I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art306Relief Printmaking7/10/20178/6/20174
Art312Intermediate Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art322Intermediate Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art342Watercolor II6/12/20177/9/20174
Art346Basic Graphic Design6/12/20177/9/20174
Art4482D Media: Works on Paper (Lab 6)6/12/20177/9/20174
Art448: Lab 4Wood: Art and Design Prototyping5/15/20176/11/20171-4
Art448Ceramics: Molds and Glaze7/10/20178/6/20174
Art448Glass: Introduction to Lampworking5/15/20176/11/20174
Art448Intro to College Art6/26/20177/2/20171
Art448Making Comics I5/15/20176/11/20174
Art448Digital and Video Storytelling5/30/20177/23/20173-4
Art448Women, Art, and the Body5/30/20177/23/20173-4
Art506Advanced Relief Printmaking7/10/20178/6/20174
Art512Advanced Drawing I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art522Advanced Painting5/15/20176/11/20174
Art536Advanced Serigraphy6/12/20177/9/20174
Art542Advanced Watercolor I6/12/20177/9/20174
Art612Advanced Drawing II6/12/20177/9/20174