Lead effectively. Lead equitably.

The mission of our department is to create, evaluate, exchange, and apply knowledge about leadership, learning, and organizational performance to prepare scholars and scholar practitioners who cultivate equity and educational opportunity in a diverse and changing world. We’re excited to announce that we have many Summer Term offerings.

Our courses are largely created for graduate level students and/or practicing educators.

For those students studying with us in face-to-face courses, you will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful Madison summertime. Wherever you are, you have a space to lead this summer with the UW-Madison ELPA Department.

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis502 Lecture 001National Leadership for Social Justice Academy, Sec 16/19/20176/25/20171
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis502 Lecture 003National Leadership for Social Justice Institute7/17/20178/13/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis502 Lecture 004Perspectives on College Student Identity and Development5/30/20177/9/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis703Evaluating and Supporting Quality Classroom Teaching6/19/20177/30/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis726Data-Based Decision-Making for Educational Leadership 5/30/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis735Leadership for Equity and Diversity5/30/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis736Administration of Student Services in Higher Education5/30/20177/09/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis824Field Research Designs & Methodologies in Educational Administration 6/12/20177/23/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis826Evaluation for Administrative Decision Making in Education6/5/20177/16/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis835Leadership for Inclusive Schooling 5/30/20178/13/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis860Organizational Theory and Behavior in Education7/17/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis875Theory and Practice of Educational Planning7/17/20178/20/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis882Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Education6/12/20177/16/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis883Perspectives on College Student Identity and Development 5/30/20177/09/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis940Advanced Writing for Social Justice5/30/20176/18/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis940Resource Allocation for Equity and Social Justice5/30/20176/18/20173
Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis960Management of Human Capital in K-12 Education 6/12/20177/23/20173