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Strengthen your body and mind.


Our Department’s mission is to research, teach, and apply knowledge related to movement, exercise, and human occupation with the ultimate goal of enhancing human health, productivity, and quality of life. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death in the United States, so the study of movement, exercise, and occupation has the potential to dramatically impact health and quality of life. We’re excited to announce that we have three new online offerings including:

For those students studying with us in face-to-face courses, you will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful Madison summertime. Wherever you are, you have a space to enjoy health this summer with the UW-Madison Kinesiology Department.


Student Spotlight

Robert Medina

Double Major: Athletic Training and Music

How incredible is Robert Medina? We think he’s pretty great. It’s truly amazing what happens at the intersection of interest and dedication. If this video makes you interested in our Athletic Training program, then check out our Summer Term introductory course.

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Kinesiology100Exercise, Nutrition, and Health6/19/20177/30/20172
Kinesiology119Introduction to Kinesiology6/19/20178/13/20172
Kinesiology127Introduction to Athletic Training6/19/20178/13/20172
Kinesiology200Introductory Neuroscience6/19/20178/13/20174
Kinesiology235Human Physiology and Health6/19/20178/13/20174
Kinesiology300Practicum in KinesiologyTBATBATBA
Kinesiology300: 001Adapted Fitness and Personal Training6/12/20178/6/20171
Kinesiology314Physiology of Exercise6/19/20178/13/20174
Kinesiology318Biomechanics of Human Movement5/30/20177/23/20173
Kinesiology360Lifespan Motor Development5/15/20176/11/20173
Kinesiology361Motor Learning and Performance6/12/20178/6/20173
Kinesiology508Living well: Lifestyle balance and health promotion for college students 6/19/20178/13/20172