RPSE Courses

Commit to improving the lives of people with disabilities.


Our Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education courses prepare graduates in entry-level and leadership positions to work with, or on behalf of people with disabilities and their families in a range of health, human services, and educational settings. Graduates are employed in a variety of positions including: program coordinators, therapists, advocates, transition specialists, employment specialists, case managers, rehabilitation counselors, counselor educators, special education teachers, teacher educators, administrators, and researchers. We’re excited to announce that we have eleven online offerings including:

For those students studying with us in face-to-face courses, you will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful Madison summertime. Wherever you are, you have a space to improve lives this summer with the UW-Madison RPSE Department.


Teacher Spotlight

Mary Ann Feutz

Special Education Teacher

In recognition of American Education Week, the School of Education put the spotlight on talented alumni who are making a difference in schools as outstanding teachers. This video showcases Mary Ann Feutz, a special education teacher at Madison’s Lincoln Elementary School. Do you value inclusion, too? If so, we have some courses you might enjoy.

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Rehab Psych & Special Ed300Individuals with Disabilities (Online)6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed401Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology5/30/20176/25/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed402Methods in Teaching Functional Skills 7/17/20178/13/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed405Evidence Based Intervention-Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder6/19/20177/16/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed466Diversity in Special Education6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed500Rehabilitation-Counseling Psychology: Foundations (online)6/19/20177/16/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed501Rehabilitation-Counseling Psychology: Applications 6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed505Biological, Psychological, & Vocational Aspects of Disability7/17/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed630Undergraduate Internship (Goes with 501)TBATBATBA
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660American Sign Language 16/19/20177/16/20171-4
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660American Sign Language 27/17/20178/13/20171-4
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660Substance Abuse (online)5/30/20176/25/20174
Rehab Psych & Special Ed660Health Promotion for Disease and Chronic Illness (online)6/19/20178/13/20173
Rehab Psych & Special Ed700Seminar: Rehabilitation Psychology Research 5/30/20176/18/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed860Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Clinical Practice 5/30/20178/13/20171
Rehab Psych & Special Ed880Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Supplemental Practice 15/30/20178/27/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed890Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology-Supplemental Practice 25/30/20178/27/20172-3
Rehab Psych & Special Ed910Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology - Internship5/30/20178/27/20176-12