Theatre & Drama Courses

Bring your theatrical dreams to life.


Get back into the theatre! Many of us participate in drama in high school (the performance kind), but we feel there aren’t opportunities once we are in college. Our theatre and drama courses range from set design to costume design and from Asian Performance to Hamilton. Even if you’re not interested in direct performance participation, we still believe that theatrical skills have a lot to offer. Here are a few courses that anyone could benefit from:

For those students studying with us in face-to-face courses, you will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful Madison summertime. Wherever you are this summer, you have a space to bring your dreams to life with the UW-Madison Theatre and Drama Department.


In the Spotlight

Aaliyah Boyd

Valerie Johnston, Smart People (2016)

Doesn’t she inspire you to try the stage?

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DepartmentNumberTitleStart DateEnd DateCredits
Theatre & Drama161Backstage Lab 15/15/20176/11/20172
Theatre & Drama162Theatre Production Laboratory6/5/20177/2/20171
Theatre & Drama219Acting for Success7/31/20178/27/20173
Theatre & Drama326Intro to Asian Performance6/19/20178/13/20173
Theatre & Drama561:001Advanced Production Lab5/15/20176/11/20171-2
Theatre & Drama561:002Entertainment Technology Innovation Lab5/30/20176/18/20172
Theatre & Drama619:002Events Planning and Management for Small and Large Groups5/30/20176/18/20172
Theatre & Drama619:001Costuming for High School/Community Theatre Productions6/19/20178/13/20173
Theatre & Drama619:003Hamilton: A Cultural Revolution6/19/20177/28/20173