Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education 660:

Substance Abuse

Lecturer Emre Umucu


About this Course

Substance Abuse (RPSE 660) is a popular, special topics course presented by the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education. This course on substance abuse provides an introduction to the world of mood and mind-altering substances.  It is designed to provide an overview of the physical, psychological, and socio-cultural effects of psychoactive substance use and abuse. Topics include:

  • The history of psychoactive substances
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Models of addiction
  • Patterns of use
  • Diagnostic and treatment information
  • Cultural perspectives
  • Sociopolitical issues
  • Education

This course is offered online.

Please note that because this is a topics course, there are other course titles included under the name, RPSE 660. Substance Abuse has been assigned the section number: Lecture 054.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Contact: RPSE Info

RPSE 660: Substance Abuse Times



RPSE 660: Substance Abuse Dates
May 30 –
June 25
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RPSE 660: Substance Abuse Questions


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