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On occassion, I like to dip back into doing games journalism to keep current. Most of my writing has been for Joystick101.org, which I co-founded with Jon Goodwin. Henry Jenkins and I also co-author "Applied Game Theory," a column for Computer Games magazine that tries to link academic theory with contemporary issues in the games industry. I keep planning to branch out to other publications and / or blogs, but never seem to find the time.

In the summer of 2000, Jon Goodwin and I co-founded joystick101.org, a web community studying games "in depth". From teaching the games class at Indiana, we felt that there were legions of reasonably intelligent games fans out there looking for deeper analysis of games. Our hope was to build a community of fans, developers, academics, critics, whoever interested in taking games discourse forward. In short, everyone has been saying "there's more to talk about in games than violence," and we wanted to build the site where that could happen.

For posterity, I've dug up all my pieces I've written for joystick. I had no idea I had been so busy. ** Note ** Many of these stories are on the old server (joystick.mit.edu) and I'm working on slowly updating them. sorry about that...



Game Reviews:

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Applied Game Theory, with Henry Jenkins.

For the past few years, Henry Jenkins and I have been writing "Applied Game Theory,", a column for Computer Games magazine that seeks to build bridges between academic and gaming discourses by applying academic gaming theory to contemporary issues in gaming. These range from social issues to the aesthetics of games. In addition to having an excuse to think through an idea each month, it allows me to keep writing with Henry, which is always a treat.

  • Playing Together, Staying Together.”April, 2003.
  • The Limbaugh Baby.” May, 2003.
  • SimTreadmill.” June, 2003.
  • Democratizing Games.” August, 2003.
  • Understanding Civilization III.” September, 2003.
  • Refreshing.” October, 2003.
  • Meaningful Violence.” November, 2003.
  • “Polyrhythms.” December, 2003.
  • “Star Wars Galaxies.” January 2004.
  • “Role Playing.” February 2004.
  • “Game genres.” March 2004.
  • “ .“April 2004.
  • “ .” May 2004.
  • “Co-opting Co-op.” June 2004.
  • “Becoming a Full Spectrum Warrior.” July 2004.
  • “Playing Blind.” August, 2004.
  • “ .” September 2004.
  • “Sound and Vision.” October 2004.
  • “Spacing Out.” November 2004.
  • “Realism? (Doesn’t Equal) Reality.” December 2004.
  • “Theory Theories.” January 2005.
  • “Suiting Up.” February 2005.
  • “Simulating Experience.” March 2005.
  • “Creative Gamers.” April 2005.

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Other miscellany.

This is where other articles / projects will go. There, I did it... I created a section of a website without any content. I should get one of those little construction working guys.