In this weekly video blog, Dr. Rau is translating the lab's research into everyday language for teachers, parents, and students. To stay up to date, subscribe to the lab's youtube channel.

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6 - How to help students understand visuals (09/18/2017)
How can we help students understand how a given visual shows information? You can prompt students to reflect on which visual features show important concepts. This can be done in classroom discussions, small-group discussions, or individual work.

5 - Explaining by drawing (09/11/2017)
What are tangible strategies for helping students understand visuals that can be easily implemented in classrooms or used for studying? Drawing can help students learn from conventional visuals.

4 - From fractions to chemistry (09/04/2017)
Martina Rau talks about how she realized that visuals can confuse students and how that sparked her interest in research that supports students in learning with visuals.

3 - Order of explanation activities and intuition activities (08/28/2017)
Students need to learn to explain how visuals show information and they need to develop intuitions about what visuals show. In what order should they learn about explanations and intuitions? Our research shows the right order can make a difference of up to a full letter grade.

2 - Learning with visuals by explaining and by training intuitions (08/21/2017)
What skills do students need to learn with visuals? Our research suggests that we need to help students understand visuals by explaining and by training their intuitive knowledge.

1 - Learning with visuals - Translating research into everyday language (08/21/2017)
In this introduction to her Vlog on Learning with Visuals, Dr. Rau explains why she is looking for new ways to make her research accessible to non-scientists, such as teachers, parents, and students.