Workshop: Physical and Virtual Manipulatives

As we are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking to combine our new virtual skills with physical experiences. This workshop offers continuing education for high-school teachers interested in combining physical and virtual manipulatives in ways that enhance students’ STEM learning outcomes.

You’re invited to join if you are a high-school teacher and teach a STEM class (e.g., biology, chemistry).

In 5 meetings (Feb -May ‘22), we will:
1. Reflect on the use of manipulatives in your classes (face-to-face meeting)
2. Integrate a physical manipulative in your class (face-to-face meeting)
3. Integrate a virtual manipulative in your class (virtual meeting)
4. Combine physical and virtual manipulatives (face-to-face meeting)
5. Showcase exemplary lesson plans (face-to-face meeting)

A small stipend to off-set your efforts will be offered for completing all activities.

More information about the workshop will be posted here soon.

Sign up here.